lauantai 24. tammikuuta 2009

who is Jukka Paulin?

Sometimes it's really foggy, who it is that actually blogs. This entry will probably
make the picture a bit more clear. I was born in 1977. Introduced to computers
in the year 1983, when I had my first Commodore C=64. It was my miracle machine,
which I investigated thoroughly. First with BASIC programming language, and then
further on with assembly language.

The PC revolution was going on, and I went through using 286, 386, and 486 based
machines. With each processor there was something new to explore, even though
I mainly stayed with basic x86 Intel machine language.

I've worked in IT industry since 2000. Latest news is that I'm going into
programming with .NET and C#. In my teens I did a lot of writing code:
catalogue programs, experimentation with terminate-stay-residents (TSR),
some maps, and all these silly test programs. It was really fun!

I'm in various positions going about with
the everyday tasks. The rest of the information is possible to gather by
peeking the information page on this Blogger site. And you can always
contact me: my first name, dot, second name and

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Helsinki by Night 2008


Traveling around the city, there's sometimes interesting views that can be captured with the camera. I like light glaring in a certain way, it's probably reminding
of rendered computer graphics.
One of the pictures is showing the maintenance of tram rails. It was a lot of sparking light
in the dark night :)
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Some recent tech I've been using. This was photographed on TKK's IT working room.
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The Nokia e71 really makes my socks go around. Read more about it at my Jukkasoft site.
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perjantai 23. tammikuuta 2009

tee for two

This was all we packed for two people, going to Thailand for 2 weeks. And we managed fine. There
was of course the excellent laundry service at Hua Hin, where you really didn't worry about
dirty clothes. It was cheap, it was efficient, and tidy up to the minute details. I never
seen such well ironed clothes. :)
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cool little LED light for reading

My thanks to Michael Bowers, a graduate student at Vanderbilt University. I mean if this LED
is really using those warm white LEDs, then great! I used this light in Thailand to read
while my wife was sleeping. It provided enough illumination, and I can imagine an even
more dark environment would make it look even better.

Doesn't cost a fortune.
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traveling set: modest electronics


We were on our Honeymoon in Thailand. What can I say.. Well, I'd never leave home without my
cellular. The iPod was really useful during the 13-14 hour flight from Helsinki,
and the video phone we bought from Bangkok. I took around 100 video flicks from the
trip, and I think their value is priceless once we get 15 years older with my
wife. Documentation never hurts. Except on Nixon's case.

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3d cityscapes

Pretty three-dimensional cityscape nowadays. It's from Leppävaara in Espoo.
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Mark's 2009

At Mark's.

The laptop in the middle of the room is really nice, it kind of screams to take a photo!
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here we go, jolly VW

The jolly VW in traffic again. :) Finnish Winter, 2009
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Tried the local chinese restaurant at Klaukkala. Really nice food, and the place is neat. There's a feeling
of original chinese kitchen yet the premises are in good shape.
[keywords Yang's Klaukkala kiinalainen ravintola]
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YT having morning coffee

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maanantai 12. tammikuuta 2009


On the road, and about it. If Ruff is feeling homesick, welcome the the blog. I'll try and post as
much as possible contemporary pics from here.
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There's innate beauty in just watching architecture come live in cities. This photo shoot
was a spontaneous one; I did grab the camera when leaving home, but didn't expect this
good looking pics. We're in Helsinki here.
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